We are not married.  Does this matter?

The short answer is simply:  no!

I don’t come to church regularly.  Can I still have my child baptised?

Yes.  However, you should be aware that the baptism service requires you to make solemn promises in the presence of God and your friends and family to turn to Christ and bring your child up in the family of the Church. 

We offer a number of different services and activities to help parents to keep these promises and we are always happy to talk with parents about the best way for them to be faithful to the vows they will make in the baptism service.

How many godparents do I need?

Traditionally a child would have three godparents two of whom would be of the same gender as the baby, however a minimum of two godparents are required. 

The godparents must be willing to make the same promises to follow Christ and support you in bringing your child to church.  They must also be baptised themselves.  If this is a problem, do give us a call. 

You can find out more information about the roles and responsibilities of godparents here: The role of a godparent | Church of England Christenings.  



We are always delighted to talk with parents about the possibility of having their children baptised at St Mary’s Church or indeed people of any age.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further. 

We hope some of the information below will aid you to come to a decision:

When do baptisms take place?

We normally hold baptism services on a Sunday morning, but we are happy to discuss alternative times with you.   We always try to encourage family involvement in the service as we think that this makes the occasion more personal.  We do encourage parents to come to the Family Service after their child has been baptised so that they can be welcomed into the family of the church.

Do I have to live in the parish to have my child baptised?

Not necessarily.  We do normally like to know that there is some connection with the village – you may, for example, have lived within the area as a child, been married in the church or your parents might still live here but please contact us and we can discuss this with you.

How much does it cost to have my child baptised?

Absolutely nothing!  Baptism is a free gift whereby your child becomes a member of the worldwide Church.


Is there a minimum or maximum age for someone to be baptised?

No.  It is quite simply never too early or late to start the journey of faith and to discover how much you and your child is loved and valued by God.

I’m interesting in getting confirmed, how do I do this?

Baptism has a natural progression to confirmation and if someone is keen to deepen their faith and become confirmed then please get in touch with us and we can aid you with understanding this process.