Intercession at St Andrew’s 27th February

Prayers of Intercession 27th February, 2022

Because of the situation in the Ukraine, we include the Intercession from St Andrew’s which the congregation took park in on Sunday 27th February.

As you would expect , and as directed by Bishop Paul and Sarah, prayers of intercession today are
prayers for Ukraine and peace in our world.

At the words….

Dear Lord, at this hour….. the response is “hear our prayers”

Here at St Andrews, Winston and across the World prayers are being said for the people of the Ukraine at this time as they suffer for their fledging rights to democracy, freedom and expression of thought.

It is sovereign country that has been invaded by its near- neighbours, near-neighbours who are led by wanna be empire builders, a cabal of kleptomaniacs, who clearly believe that inflicting war, death & destruction on the people of Ukraine as well as its own peoples, matters as naught against their loathing of democracy.
Yet even now, we pray that the Holy Spirit and St Michael, the Archangel of peace, can descend to inspire ordinary people of Russia to have their leaders stay the conflict before more death , more destruction.

Dear Lord, at this hour….. “hear our prayers”

We direct our prayers and thoughts to the innocents, the peoples fleeing from this unbelievable but vicious conflict. Many mothers and children saying goodbye, not knowing if they will see again, their sons, husbands ,fathers or partners, and as mothers and children in a modern society stunned to find themselves as refugees looking for security outside of their own country here on our European doorstep.

We must look to give practical aid and solace to these people and other victims of displacement from conflict, we must open our hearts and our home to them in their time of need.

Dear Lord, at this hour….. “hear our prayers”

In our prayers we remember the young men of both sides who may well pay the ultimate sacrifice. Some may be willing, most will not. Likely to be afraid, perhaps alone, bewildered, fighting fellow Slav brothers, in a war not of their making.

Dear Lord, at this hour….. “hear our prayers”

We pray for world leaders, for the United Nations, for EU leaders, for the President and our own Prime Minster, that they may able to find a united course of action that resolves the conflict, that they can show clarity of thought, resolve and purpose.

That they lead their peoples and ensure that the challenges and sacrifices that may be needed for resolution are understood by their people, that the freedoms we enjoy here were hard fought for and should not be taken for granted.

That ,perhaps, the peace dividend from the end of the Cold war needs to be re-invested

Dear Lord, at this hour….. “hear our prayers”

We pray for the peoples of the world, for all victims of war and oppression , be it Yemen, in Syria, in China, in Myanmar, or wherever it might be found. We pray that they know peace.
Let this bring out the good and help to mend our broken world.

Dear Lord, at this hour….. “hear our prayers”



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February 28, 2022

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