St Andrew’s Featured Nationally

St Andrew’s has been featured as one of the ’10 best small pilgrimage sites’

We are very fortunate to have a stunning location for our Church, and both the building and our beautiful surroundings have been a place for meditation and prayer for hundreds of years – with visitors drawn from miles around to experience the site.  We are very glad to be included in The Guardian’s New Year’s Day Edition as one of the national top 10 of idyllic small pilgrimage locations in the country.  As you may imagine there are some stunning locations included on this shortlist and for anyone who wishes to read the full article it available on The Guardian’s website here.   

Pilgrimage has been a national topic lately with both the Archbishop and Bishop of Durham keen to improve awareness in this area, and churches are seeing increased interest from those who are looking to explore our ancient spaces – whilst also being mindful that these spaces are so much more than just physical – with meditation, prayer and contemplating being encouraged. 

Many pilgrims are Christians but many aren’t, and are instead seeking a different experience – allowing themselves a connection between the landscape, these ancient sites, and themselves.  As a church community we’re always keen to welcome to anyone who wishes to enjoy the Church – consider taking a look at our ‘Visit‘ page for information on our opening hours and when we hold services.

We’ve recently held a Pilgrimage trip on the nearby Northern Saints Trail – The Way of Life – opened in 2019 – which begins from nearby Gainford, a short riverbank stroll away – and St Mary’s Church, Gainford have a Pilgrimage page for anyone interested in a trove of information on both The Way of Life and the other routes we have criss-crossing County Durham.

Joyce Wilson, a member of St Andrew’s PCC, is leading a series of day walks along The Way of Life beginning in January 2022 and finishing in April.  If anyone would like to contact Joyce about this get in touch – 07786 072 830 (ideally by early January).

For those curious about the history of St Andrew’s we have a rich amount of information available here in our History Boards section.


Our churches continue to be open for private prayer.

Please read the separate page outlining the church’s modified approach

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January 4, 2022

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