Supporting Us

How you can support our projects in the community

St. Andrew’s Church depends entirely on parishioners’ offerings and we are very grateful to all those who give generously to the church. 

Whilst not always easy, we would encourage you to think ahead and plan your giving – where possible planning to give on a regular basis so that we as a Church can also plan for the future by ensuring we have the necessary resources to complete the work and mission of the Church.

If you would like to make a donation to the church, this can be done in a number of ways:

By Regular Standing Orders:

The Church bank account accepts Standing Orders. If you would like to start giving by this method, please contact us at so we can help yo through the process.  This could be make on a monthly, Quarterly or annual basis.

By Parish Giving Scheme (PGS):

The PGS is a charitable company owned by participating Dioceses and Parishes.  Its helps keep regular giving simple both for those choosing to donate and for participating churches, resulting in Gift Aid payments being received into the church account smoothly.

Donations made through this service use Direct Debit and can be made on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Each donation is restricted to the nominated parish church. The church receives exactly what is donated with no ‘cut’ taken by PGS.  It’s a quick and easy to set up system which more and more churches are adopting due to how transparent and smooth it is to use.  Donate Link for our Church.


By One off Donation:

We are very grateful that you are considering making a donation to the church.  Please contact us at so we can discuss the easiest method you can do this.

In Church by cash or cheque

An offertory is taken at most of our services for cash and cheque donations.  Gift Aid envelopes are available in church to help maximise this kind of giving.

A little about Gift Aid:

As a charity, the parish is part of the Gift Aid scheme which means we can recover the income tax paid by those who elect to be part of this scheme on donations they make. This is important as it enables the Parish to recover several thousand pounds from the Treasury each year – at no extra cost to you!

If you are a UK tax payer and currently do not Gift Aid your donations to the Parish, we would like to ask you to consider taking part in the scheme.   It will personally cost you nothing but would benefit the parish.  All we will ask you to do is complete a Gift Aid declaration.

The amount of Gift Aid that can be claimed from HMRC is significant – 25% of the donation, so this means if you give £10 using Gift Aid, it is worth £12.50 to our Church charity.

Legacy Giving:

Please consider leaving St. Andrew’s a gift in your will.  Monetary gifts do not count as part of the residual estate.  Bequests allow us to purchase items and put funds towards specific projects or building works at your request.


We are delighted that you would like to fundraise for the church.  If you are looking for fundraising ideas or sponsorship forms for your event, please get in touch at and we will send our fundraising pack to you.


All gifts given to St. Andrew’s are treated in confidence and will be seen only be the treasurer.

Thank You:

As a parish, we would like to Thank You for considering giving to St. Andrew’s Winston.  You truly make the difference for us, and we are extremely grateful!


– All day long he craves for more;  but the righteous give without sparing.  – Proverbs 21:26