At St Mary’s and St Andrew’s Churches we embrace a wide variety of groups and activities. No matter what stage of life you are in we have a community for you. Each in their own different way contributes an expression of our common faith and enriches the whole church family.

Join a

Attending Church for Worship is at the core of our common life and this nurtures and strengthens all that we do.



Missional Communities

Bible Fellowship Groups

We run a number of Bible Fellowship groups, some of them focused around particular times of the church calendar (such as Lent); whilst others are more of a regular social group of faith – which explores their faith more deeply together.

Music and Social


If you enjoy being musical we have varied musical communities for you to become party of! Whether it be singing in our Church Choir, playing the Church organ or joining some of our wider community who are interested in faith through music, don’t hesitate to ‘make a noise’ and reach out.


The Church and our community is situation in such a stunning area that we can’t help but get out and make the most of it.  We always attempt to give all age groups opportunities to spend time outside, but also have a whole lot of fun in the process.

Let us know if you’d like to join an outdoor activity or would like to assist in running them.

Friends of St Andrew’s

The Friends is a group with open membership, run by members of the Church Councils who use it to communicate the happenings of both our local parishes as well as the wider Church for the benefit of all. We contact the Friends group with weekly e-mails to help highlight what we are doing as a community as well as with messages of faith and worship.

Families, Children and Young People

Children and Families

Activities for children and families have been halted for the pandemic, but you’re warmly invited to look at our social media pages as well as our Events page for both examples of the kind of activities we have put on for children in the past
as well as what is upcoming in the future.


 We share the key ‘Big Story’ of the Bible at our partner schools.


History Outreach

 The history of the area is always entwined with the present, and as we are blessed to have Church buildings close to a thousand years old many of these moments of local Church history are actually moments of history for the broader community too. We have a group of interested and passionate enthusiasts who enjoy exploring and discussing the past and who want to share the forgotten stories of our Parishes with those totally new to the area as well as visitors and locals.

Parish Magazine

The Parish News magazine is a community magazine, published monthly and distributed free to all houses in the villages of Gainford, Winston, Langton, Headlam, Selaby, Cleatlam, Little Newsham, and farms and properties in surrounding areas. Digital copies of the magazine can also be sent by email if requested.  It is a source of local news and information.

Articles for publishing in the magazine are most welcome and can be submitted to the editors 

Parochial Church Council (PCCs)

The Parochial Church Council is the executive committee of the Church of England Parish responsible for the financial affairs and management of assets, and consists of Clergy and Churchwardens of the Parish, together with representatives of the laity. It is a corporate charitable body. The purpose of our PCC is specifically to promote the whole mission of the church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical.

Other opportunities

If you feel you have time and/or a skill you would like to offer – please get in touch to see how these could be used to support our churches.



St Andrew’s is a collection point for our local foodbanks. Food can be left at any time in the labelled area just inside the main entrance to the church.

Community Eco Projects

Many of us are just finding out more about the importance of climate change being a reality and this involves many changes to day to day living – and the church is exploring how we can adapt our own projects to become ‘eco’ friendly as well as help our communities with community projects. These projects range from helping young people and children with understanding better how their behaviours, to education about sustainable farming methods and ways we can all reduce our ‘recycling footprint’ through changes which, when taken together, make a significant impact.