History: St Andrew’s Youth Visit Iconic Local Feat Aircraft

Winston Bridge – St Andrew’s Youth Visit Exhibition with Local connection


As part of our website we are celebrating fantastic local history and bringing to life the past of the area, and joining it with the present.

During February half term two of the youth from St. Andrews at Winston were visiting the Imperial War Museum at Duxford as there was a special exhibition on about the Spitfire.

Knowing that the spitfire flown by Ray Hanna under Winston bridge during the filming of A Piece of Cake, was housed at the museum, they were eager to explore and find this historical plane. Unfortunately, it became apparent that this spitfire was not part of the exhibition at that time. However, while exploring the hangers where the planes are housed, they came across MH434 parked away in an area away from the public.


On mentioning that the children were from the village of Winston, they were delighted to be given special access to look at this famous aircraft. “It was a very special family time being able to show the children the actual spitfire that Ray Hanna flew under the bridge in our small village.

The story of what Ray achieved before they were born was brought to life by seeing the plane and they could imagine what a miraculous and dangerous achievement it was to fly this plane under the bridge in our own village”, said Mum, Louise. “Now that the children have had the chance to see the Spitfire and hear the story of Ray’s flying achievements, it has really made the children aware of the importance of social history in their own local area and they hope to contribute to the Parish website with their own stories in the future.”.

Written by Paula Kirkup

Paula is a member of St Andrew's PCC at Winston and leads our Care for Creation Projects, as well as being an online Editor.

April 24, 2022

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