Acts of Service: Local Farming

Acts of Service: Steven Nesbitt on Local Farming

Do farmers serve the wider community? This is the question I was asked, and my immediate answer was, “of course”.


Farmers grow crops that go into the food chain both locally, nationally and globally. Farmers grow crops to feed animals that can also go into the food chain. A good farmer tends the actual countryside, the trees, hedgerows, and verges as well as the actual agricultural land. This in turn allows nature to flourish and support regrowth and new growth. The result of this is a sight to behold and it’s what makes people comment on the amazing views in the area. A good farmer will consider sustainability of the soil, the land, the waterways for the now and the future. We are custodians for our future generations and need to plan to support this.

(Steven Pictured winning with his Charolais cattle and Prince Philip congratulating him)

Farmers get their tractor out and pull the very smart sports cars out of the floods following a rainstorm. They get the same trusty tractor out to help the council grit the roads in the winter so that the community can carry on as normal. The loader is another asset to the community when there is rubbish to be removed, heavy things to lift or be placed up high. Farmers are often asked can there pick up truck help some village event or can we borrow bales of straw for seating at the same event.

I personally have a shed at the farm that I call “Gods Shed” because it has nothing of mine in it anymore. I have made space for what I am asked to store for the church and village establishments. This is done without hesitation or grumbles. Farming can be quite a solitary occupation, so it is always good to be part of the community.

So do farmers serve the wider community- yes of course they do!!

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June 1, 2022

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