Acts of Service: Nursing

Acts of Service: Nursing

Words: Mary Nesbitt

I have been a nurse for almost 39 year and if I had my time over again I would do exactly the same job. They say it is a “calling” and I tend to agree. Yes, we serve the general public, but I can assure you it has never felt like that. I have always felt that it is a privilege and an honour to be a nurse.


I have laughed with patients and cried with patients, I have supported relatives and persuaded relatives and I have work with and argued with colleagues.

I have been sworn at and punched, but I have had far more smiles and cuddles.

It is one of the most challenging roles you can imagine yet one of the most satisfying roles you could have. Demand and expectations far outweigh recourses and time, but there is a drive to keep going despite all odds.

Times can be tough, but times can be so amazing.

Nursing has taught me that there is always someone worse off than you, so make the most of your lot and look for something positive- it is in there

The thousands of people that you come into contact with, only odd ones are difficult to deal with, but most people are positive, despite what they are going through, and relieved that a kind and competent nurse is going to help them. Most of them are so resilient and simply lovely human beings.

Photo: Mary Nesbitt as a newly qualified nurse

There is not a day goes by in nursing that you do not learn something and it is usually something that can make a huge difference to someone else.
I have been so inspired by what I have seen and heard from both patients and the caring team and only hope that I have managed to give a fraction of what I have gained.

I have always said you don’t have to be special to be a nurse, but what you do is so very, very special.


Mary Nesbitt

Written by admin

June 1, 2022

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